NCH Overview

Initially attracted to the opportunities created by the massive shortage of capital following the collapse of the Soviet Union, NCHís founders began investing personally in Russia and the Baltic States in 1991.  They were among the earliest investors in the region, founding NCH in 1993.  By the time other Western investors were only beginning to enter these markets for the first time, NCH had already generated impressive returns for its investors.  Since then, we have launched 25 funds and established, in addition to headquarters in New York City, nine regional offices in Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Latvia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Brazil, and the Western Balkans with approximately 150 staff members dedicated to executing the firmís strategies.

While we are well-known throughout the region as a pioneer in the Russian equity markets, the firmís experience and success across other asset classes and in other markets throughout the region continues to motivate our enthusiastic commitment to value creation in private equity, real estate and agribusiness as well.


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