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Clay Mitchell

Clay Mitchell


Clay Mitchell is Co-Founder and Managing Director of Fall Line Capital, an investment firm focused on United States farmland and related AgTech. Mr. Mitchell is a fifth-generation Iowa farmer and one of the most innovative, progressive and respected farmers in the world. He led the revolution in precision agriculture from a variable-rate approach to an automation approach. In refining commercial grain farming at The Mitchell Farm, his agronomic studies have driven innovation in auto-steering, next-generation control systems for farming inputs, wireless farm networking, grain storage automation, no-till farming techniques and controlled-traffic farming.

Mr. Mitchell has participated several times at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland and been featured in international publications, including Time and Wired, for his progressive farming techniques. Through his lifework, he has cultivated a deep and invaluable network across the farmer, academic, industrial, agricultural journalism and government communities.

Mr. Mitchell has a BS in Biomedical Engineering from Harvard College and a Masters in Agronomy from Cornell University, where he was a Saltonstall Fellow in Agronomy.